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How Does a Decanter Centrifuge Work?


Decanter centrifuge is widely used in the field of industrial solid-liquid separation. According to the characteristics of different materials in different industries, decanter centrifuges are divided into dewatering, separation, and clarifying decanter centrifuge. With centripetal pump technology, decanter centrifuge can also realize the 3-phase separation of liquid, liquid, and solids.

Brightway decanter centrifuge at an expo

The work process of decanter centrifuges:

1: The slurry is brought into the centrifuge through an intake pipe and onto a conveyor.

2: Utilizing an internal feed compartment, the conveyor moves the slurry through a nozzle into the bowl.

3: The bowl rotates at high speeds to induce centrifugal forces.

4: High speed rotation separates the solid material from the liquid in a matter of seconds.

5: The conveyor delivers the solid material upwards where it is discharged through a nozzle.

6: The solid material removed, the purified liquid is released from a separate output. The ability to purify a liquid makes decanter centrifuges ideal for waste water treatment facilities. However, there are variety of industries for which such centrifuges play an important role. Similar to other decanter equipment, centrifuges are simple to install and do not require a foundation to build upon. Their efficiency saves time and materials and is an essential component for many blue collar industries.

Brightway decanter centrifuge ready for shipment

Brightway offers a wide variety of horizontal continuous cleaning decanter centrifuges which provide effective, low-maintenance solutions to continuous liquid clarifying and / or solids dewatering with advanced process and mechanical performance features. Brightway decanter centrifuges are extremely versatile and capable of adapting to varying throughput and process and material types. The machines are easy to adjust, require little operator attention, are relatively quiet and feature a small footprint.

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