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Screw Conveyor

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Screw conveyor is also called Spiral Conveyor or Auger Conveyor in oilfield drilling waste management industry. Screw conveyor is widely used for drilling waste and cuttings transportation. Screw conveyor basically has three forms: horizontal, diagonal and combination. Screw conveyor can be used with other transportation equipment to complete the combined or separate transportation of mixing, blending, dehydration, compound, unloading and stacking, etc.

According to client's requirements,Brightway can design and manufacture different Screw Conveyor for different applications.

Brightway Screw Conveyor Advantages

1. Easy to install and uninstall, convenient to move, safe in operation.

2. Compact structure, small cross section, light weight.

3. Good sealing performance, high transmission efficiency, flexible.

4. Suitable for transporting all kinds of soft material, such as powder, granular and small piece of material like clay powder, coal powder, cement, sand, grain, coal cinder, pebbles, cast iron, etc.


Note: Do not apply it to the transport of high viscosity and easy to condense material.


Brightway Screw Conveyor Display

Brightway screw-conveyor brightway-spiral conveyor

Brightway Spiral Conveyor in Oil Drilling Spiral conveyor of ZJ50 Mud System

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